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Question asked by Bright Wang on Dec 31, 2019
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We're Looking For Right SoC For Current Working Project Of Automotive Display Controller. According To SOR From OEM Target Display May Be Either Of Portrait Type And Landscape Type TFT LCD Base Display. As To Landscape Here's No Issue For The System Design But To Portrait Type Due To Almost Of Display Are Landscape Display (Only Few Designs For Vertical Use From Some Panel Maker) So We Need SoC With Enough Performance To Do:


1. With Built-in Display Control Unit (IPU) Support Inversion / Flip / Rotate For 90 / 180 Degree To Transform Horizontal Line Into Vertical Which Means Target Design Requires Enough On-Chip Display Framebuffer / Can Allow DMA By Means Of DDR As Framebuffer To Implement For Resolution 720P / 1080P 60FPS.

2. Data Rate Bandwith May Be A Crucial Factor.

3. Enough Performance For Video Overlay (Video Over Video At 720P / 1080P Each 60FPS) (Support 3 Layer Video Captures By MIPI CSI-2)

4. The Key Use Of The Design Is Just For Display Control / Video Control With Overlay Feature PIP / POP (OSD Level) / Video Over Video With Some Communication Functions By Peripherals USB / UART CAN / I2S Codec For Audio Routing Bypass Model / Ethernet.

5. Target System Will Be Legacy Linux.

6. Considering Cost Chip Should Be Lower Than 20$


Our Candidate SoC Is I.MX6 Solo / Solo Plus. My Question Is Can I.MX6 Solo Performs Well For My Requirement?

Note The Target Design Is Just A Display Control Unit.