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Also threre is another solution that may help you. Try to implement timeout detection by hardware. The SHFT2 flag from register I2Cx_SMB , indicate that the SDA is held low more than clock × LoValue / 512 .After detection you could implement the recovery procedure of the nine clock cycles . Please take a look at the reference manual chapter 31.3.9 I2C SMBus Control and Status register.

此外,还有另一种解决方案可以为您提供帮助。 尝试通过硬件实施超时检测。 寄存器I2Cx_SMB中的SHFT2标志指示SDA保持低电平的高度超过时钟×LoValue / 512。检测到后,您可以执行9个时钟周期的恢复过程。 请查看参考手册的第31.3.9章I2C SMBus控制和状态寄存器。