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MCRSP_PMSM_V1.2.0 vs MCUXpresso SDK 2.7.0

Question asked by Ritesh Panchal on Dec 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2020 by Felipe García

I want to develop High Voltage PMSM Motor drive application. I have bought HVP-MC3PH

I can find 2 different PMSM examples. 

  1. MCRSP_PMSM_V1.2.0 which has MCRSP_VER  "1.2.0"
  2. MCUXpresso SDK 2.7.0 which has MCRSP_VER  "2.0.0"


  • I can see that function structure is almost same is both SDK. But quite difference in implementation of motor control API. 
  • MCRSP_VER  "1.2.0" uses FRAC16() while MCRSP_VER  "2.0.0" uses float numbers.
  • With MCRSP_PMSM_V1.2.0, i can get smooth start up as well as clear sine wave phase currents.
  • With MCUXpresso SDK 2.7.0, start up is not smooth. Motor jerks for 1-2 sec. And Phase current waveform is not clear sine wave.


So which SDK i should use?

And why motor is not running smooth with latest SDK 2.7.0?