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AES128 CBC example using DCP and OCOTP key

Question asked by on Dec 29, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2020 by Hui_Ma

I'm working on a i.MX RT1052.


I'm trying to run AES128CBC SDK EXAMPLE using DCP and OTP key (SW_GP2) as key, to do this i set DCP_TEST_USE_OTP_KEY to 1 in dcp.c file(from SDK example) and for testing i've written only the first word(32 bit bank 0 bank 5 word 1) of SW_GP2[127:0].


Why when i try to run the software on target the key read from DCP is always 0 ? (I've already check if correctly fused and are ok!) seems that DCP doesn't load the fused key in it's internal memory.