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Target : Debug / Debug RAM / Release

Question asked by chicheportiche nicolas on Dec 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2020 by Diana Batrlova

First, sorry for asking a question two days in a row.


When creating a new projet in Design Studio, three configurations are created : 'Debug', 'Debug RAM' and 'Release'.

I haven't found any documentation related to those configurations, and I'm not skilled enough to analyse the makefile.


Here comes my problem : 

I have an application which works fine when using Debug or Debug RAM.

But if I try to flash the 'release' (which I assumed so far is purposed to be flashed), it don't work anymore.

I've arranged my application to a simple one, which deals with the same issue.

I've attached it.

What it does :

LPITO regularly check is a button is pushed.

If it is, it changes the value of a global variable.

In the main, an infinite loop looks at this variable value. Depending on its value, it executes a task. Here, toggling a LED.


Note: I'm still working on the S32K144EVB.