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PF1510: Current Limiter and SW3 rated output current

Question asked by Renato Nogueira Frias Employee on Dec 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2020 by G.w. Sun


Could questions about the PF1510:


1. At all Sw1, Sw2 and Sw3, the Electrical Characteristics table, the current limiter lower side mosfet detection has a min value of 0.7A. What is this current exactly?

Does it mean that if load current is higher than 0.7A, it might trigger the OCP?

Then the rated output current of all these three converters should be 0.7A instead of 1A. This is critical for us, because we are planning to use SW2/SW3 to support the system, and our power budget is higher than 0.7A but lower than 0.9A.


2. Does Buck SW3 has a rated output current of 1A? On the datasheet, features and benefits summary, it is 1A however, on the Electrical Characteristics, it is not listed. (SW1 and SW2 both listed on the table). Therefore, I'd like to confirm. (Please see the attached screenshot)