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JLink cannot connect to MCU

Question asked by WM P on Dec 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2020 by jeremyzhou

I have made lpc55s69 pcb,and the debug interface on board is JTAG-SWD type.I placed an 100K Ohm pull-up resistor over the SWDIO pin and a same value pull-down resistor on SWCLK pin,referenced to the official EVK.

But when i tried to debug an example project on it with jlink,errors occured.It said:"JLink cannot connect to target"

The software i use is MCUXpressoIDE 11.0.1.

But it seems that my JLink has recognized the mcu,however , just cannot contact with it.


Could anybody tell me whether I made my circuit correct or not ?