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Cannot Install This Hardware (M52259DEMOKIT)

Question asked by Rich Testardi on Mar 23, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2009 by Tom Thompson

Hi all,


I'm hoping someone can help.  Up to last week, my M52259DEMOKIT has been working fine (well, except for single stepping) with its OSBDM interface.


Today, I tried it again and the USB gives 3-dings, and it says it can't find an appropriate driver.


Between then and now I've likely modified my config of CW 4.7 (I have CW7.1, CW5.9, and CW4.7 all installed, for CFV2, CFV1, and HSC12 development).


I might have installed some MPLAB compilers, too.


The problem seems to root from the VID/PID coming from the OSBDM device -- it doesn't match any VID/PID in any INF file...


From Device Manager, it is: USB\VID_15A2&PID_0035\5&7BEA176&0&1


Can anyone tell me:


1. what is the VID/PID *supposed* to be for the OSBDM on the M52259DEMOKIT?  You can find this in Device Manager under Properties -> Details -> Device Instance ID


2. what INF file is supposed to match this in /windows/inf?  All I find is this:


C:\WINDOWS\inf>grep -i vid_15a2 *.inf
OpenSourceBDM.inf:"Open Source BDM (LibUSB-W32)"=LIBUSB_DEV, USB\VID_15A2&PID_0021&REV_0001
bulkusb.inf:%USB\VID_0425&PID_0467.DeviceDesc%=BULKUSB.Dev, USB\VID_15A2&PID_0001
oem11.inf:"CodeWarrior USB TAP"=Install, USB\VID_15A2&PID_50B3
oem11.inf:"CodeWarrior USB TAP"=Install, USB\VID_15A2&PID_50B3



Obviously, none of those will match.


I am completely stuck now doing 52259 development, and fear I will need to reinstall the OS (I've already reinstalled CW7.1 with no success).


Boy, it is almost worth paying the extra $$$ for the EVB over the DEMOKIT just to not have to deal with OSBDM.


Thank you for any help.


-- Rich