Emanuele Ziglioli

USB TAP is too slow

Discussion created by Emanuele Ziglioli on Mar 23, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2009 by Ronald Collins

CodeWarrior for Coldfire 7.1




with the size of my project growing (850K Code, 433K Data), debugging with USB TAP is becoming increasingly painful.

I wonder if there are strategies for increasing its responsiveness, before looking for a much more expensive option.


- does the total number of breakpoints affect the time it takes from hitting a breakpoint to regaining control of the IDE?

- same with expressions, does having many expressions inpact the USB TAP responsiveness?


One thing I've found to help is disabling 'Show variable values in source code' under IDE Preferences/Debugger/Display Settings.


Another thing that instead doesn't seem to improve anything is changing 'Program Download Options' under Target Settings/Debugger/Debugger Settings.


What's the general feeling of other USB TAP users? is the device suited for debugging projects with large quantities of memory?