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SPI User Interface on MPC8313eRDB board

Question asked by louis heo on Mar 23, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2009 by Sergio Donati



In advanced, I appreciated you reading this message.


I have mpc8313 SOC custom board and I developing linux device driver for spi controller.


As you know I referenced MPC8313erdb BSP Kernel 2.6.20 that dosen't support user-level 


device driver for spi controller on mpc8313 SOCs.


I need some advice for developing SPI devcie driver using mpc83xx_spi  platform_driver


finally for use user-level driver.


So. I found some patch for BSP kernel source spidev.c. And I patch that code to BSP kernel 2.6.20


Kconfig file, include header directory,Makefiel, and so on...


But I failed to use spid controller in user-level(open, read, write) .  I tested that device driver "spidev"


using test code that is writtened in /linux/Documents/spi/spi_dev that fiile's name is spidev_test.c


Please give a little advice for my problem.


It will be helps for developing user-level device driver using mpc83xx_spi platform driver that any you




Regards newbei