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How to Compile and boot MQX and where to write a boot loader

Question asked by Carl Norman on Mar 22, 2009
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We need to be able to compile and boot an 'image' of MQX from a bootloader. We will be periodically uploading new MQX images as updates become available (either from MQX, or our own updates). When I say MQX Image, I mean MQX RToS with our application code which can be booted from some bootloader...


We cannot find complete information in the user guide which covers any requirments to be able to perform any boot loader functions, not even memory control or details on how MQX boots, memory control of code sections or the organisation and building blocks of MQX...


Please assist us buy supplying some essential information about the operating system:


- Where do we write the C function for a bootloader exactly (pre MQX running)? This code really needs to be able to be seperated from the rest of the MQX image to allow it to update the MQX image without overwriting itself (see memory diagram below).


- How are the memory locations controlled for the above (How do we fix the location of the bootloader software and MQX application image)?


- How do we actually boot to the address of this MQX image we have created?


- Is there any other memory requirments we must meet to allow MQX to boot properly, or, to get our firware to enter and exit properly?


Here is how the I think the memory map might look...



- START BOOTLOADER address of where reset vector points, this part of code is fixed in firmware


Pre MQX - pre MQX/C setup requiments..

USER Mem - boot loader function which updates MQX Image in the other flash blocks (flash routines etc here)

Pre MQX - pre MQX image boot, this might be a bit of both user code and MQX code, no idea...

Pre MQX - MQX image boot function, might clean memory / allocate memory and actually jumps to MQX image




- START MQX + USER APPLICATION MQX Image which will be updated


MQX RToS + Application Code as normal






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