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Question asked by JB Chae on Dec 23, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2019 by David Tosenovjan

I am using mpc 5777c as s32 design studio 2017r1.

I want to use the language in main assembly below.


e_li r5, 0x2
mtspr 1010,r5

e_li r7, 0x4
e_li r8, 0x2
e_lis r11,0xFFFF
e_or2i r11,0xFFFB

mfspr r9, 1010
and. r10, r7, r9
e_beq __dcache_no_abort
and. r10, r11, r9
mtspr 1010, r10
e_b __dcache_cfg

and. r10, r8, r9
e_bne __dcache_inv

mfspr r5, 1010
e_ori r5, r5, 0x0001
mtspr 1010, r5



How to use c language and assembly in the s32 design studio

Thanks you


Note: I want to turn dcache on and off while the program is running.