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UJA113X_Init are not working on the S32K148EVB

Question asked by wang yang on Dec 23, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2020 by wang yang

Hello NXP engineers,

   When I set up a can_pal sample project with S32 Design studio and S32K148EVB,I find that the UJA113X_Init() function is not work well,the value of retval is always shown as STATUS_TIMEOUT in debug mode.

With tracing the code, I find the code has failed to wait a sema,as shown as the pictures below,and it's unable to get any register value of uja1132 with my own testing code,and with a oscilloscope measurment,I got nothing signal on the SPI channel.

I have done the following work:

1.Powerd the EVB by +12V DC,and set the jumper J18 J7 J8 properly;

2.The IDE works well ,it has been verified by the other program.

So,did I miss something?How to solve this problem? Thanks for your help.