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CLRC663 LPCD Mode WakeUp to Activate Latency

Question asked by Massimiliano Gimondo on Dec 21, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2019 by Kan_Li


I'm implementing an Android HCE based use case using a CLRC663 in LPCD configuration to wake up an embedded system by means of a smartphone. In my implementation I have an ARM M4 micro connected to the CLRC663. I'm implementing the ISODep RFID stack using NXP NFCRdLib.

Is there any way using NFCRdLib to detect when it's the right time to put in sleep the micro and to minimize the time from wakeup to end card activation?I did some tries, launching phacDiscLoop_Sw_Run(), then phhalHw_Rc663_Cmd_Lpcd() and then putting the micro in sleep. What I got is that it takes about 800ms to wake up  doing a first discovery and 900 ms to finally activate the card (smartphone in card emulation). What I see on the smartphone is a delay of about 2 s from the moment I put it near the reader and the moment the smartphone is aware of NFC communication. Is there a way to speed up the process? Am I doing something wrong? Is there any sample code I can study to implement my use case?