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S32K146xx EEPROM (Cycling endurance) cycles

Question asked by Jay Liu on Dec 20, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2019 by vicentegomez


   i have a question to ask as below,

   now i am planing to use the MCU of S32K146xx series,i have a question about the EEPROM。

   As the statement in the datasheet below,


       when the Cycle endurance is below 1K times,the data retention can reach 20 years.

        In my application case,the Data Retention is required 15 years,and will use 64KB Data flash as backup EEPROM,So i want to know thathow many (Cycling endurance) cycles can the backup EEPROM will be?


   I have confused about it for long time ,can you help me answer it.?

   Thanks very much!