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New KL03z is in secure mode

Question asked by Annika Huebner on Dec 17, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2019 by Jianyu Chen

I just got a new custom board with a KL03z chip. Unfortunately I am not able to flash it, because it is SECURE. I connected the chip via UART tried "flash-erase-all" with blhost and the Kinetis Flash Tool, which fails due to the secure state. "flash-erase-all-unsecure" is an unknown command. Is there anything I can do to unsecure the device?


Bonus question: what could have happened to the chip? The assembler of the PCB should not have connected the chip to anything, as there weren't even wires connected. The chip should have come directly from production and not pre-flashed. Is it possible, that some electromagnetic discharge or something of the like accidently secured my chip? Keep in mind that a connection with the Kinetis Flash Tool is possible, and error codes are transmitted, so not all of the communication is broken.