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Freemaster Recorder Setup PDBDM

Question asked by Simon Helmer on Dec 17, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2019 by Michal Hanak

Hey Guys,


i have following Problem, i want to Setup a Freemaster Recorder with the PDBDM (Packet Driven BDM). The reason for this i need values from the controlller faster. I have used the BDM-Plugin it works with some minor flaws. But Freemaster has Problem Finding the Adress of the Packet Buffer on the MCU when using the PDBDM Plugin.


There for i have implementedwith the Procecssor Expert some Freemastercode in the Project and added the described/needed Functions running on the MCU (mine S12z).

I added following Functions in the loop.




I also tried a Version with Setting up my Own Buffer manually not with Procecssor Expert (Configuration like in the Picture above)

When i Press the Search Adress Button, this Failure Message pops up.

FMSTR1_SetUpRecBuff(freeArraybuffer, freeArraybuffersize);

The Buffer Variable Exits



What can i do to establish an Connection?

How to adjust to the right buffer Adress?