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1000Base-KX configuration in T1022

Question asked by Debdutta Banerjee on Dec 16, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2019 by Debdutta Banerjee


Our serdes protocol is 0x87.

We intend to configure serdes lane D in 1000Base-KX, i.e mac-2 which is SGMII 1G by default.


As per T1040 Manual Sec: 1000Base-KX, settings have been made.

Here we have these doubts:

1. To access clause45 registers of 1000BAse-KX:

SGMIInCR1[MDEV_PORT] is set 0, MDIO_CTL[PORT_ADDR] is aslo set 0. Is it correct?


2. 1000Base-KX (Clause 45) AN Advertisement Register 1, TX_NONCE=unique value per device;

so we set TX_NONCE 0xF and 0xC for two devices which are connected via 1000Base-KX through Backplane. Is it correct?



We are able to ping from one board to the other via this interface.

However, the 1000Base-KX (Clause 45) AN Status Register = 0x8, i.e LNK_STAT is 0 so link is down.

Also we noted that the interfaces were able to ping, even before setting AN Advertisement Register 1 and AN Control Register (i,e steps 5 to 9 of sec: