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MSL C and Runtime libraries

Discussion created by Joel Fieber on Mar 19, 2009
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I've tried this with CW6.4 and CW7.1:


I'm seeing large discrepancies in the file sizes between the support libraries created from the CW projects included in the install versus the pre-built libraries. Should I be able to create an exact binary image of the pre-built versions, using the same project / compiler settings? How much of the difference could be attributed to the debug or symbolics info that may be dependant on source code directory structure? It seems the output may have a different link order..



pre-built MSL C StdABI:   622 kB

my build MSL C StdABI:    526 kB

first line of pre-built:       !<arch>.ansi_fp.o

first line of my lib:           !<arch>.abort_exit_e68k.


The libs are about 300 kB different doing the same test with CW7.1.


Is this to be expected? Is there any concern here? I want to be able to confidently debug my application, which has always used the pre-built libraries, without being concerned I've changed the underpinnings..


Any insight is appreciated!