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Loading an executable image into RAM in MIMXRT1064

Question asked by Mayuresh Manjrekar on Dec 16, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2019 by Mayuresh Manjrekar

Hi All,


I have a requirement where I need to link a relatively small test firmware for the MIMXRT1064 MCU in internal RAM and execute it from there. I am able to successfully link the firmware in SRAM_DTC section (using the RAM linker script I found in MCUXpresso examples) and I am even able to run it without any issues using J-Link and GDB debugging session. 


Now the problem I am facing is that I need to remove the dependancy on a programmer tool like J-Link / Open SDA programmer to load the firmware into the internal RAM and execute it. I am quite sure that this could be achieved since I believe the RT1064 Flashloader firmware (ivt_flashloader.bin file) used for burning the e-fuse bits executes from internal RAM. The sdphost utility loads this bin file into the internal RAM address of 0x20000000 and then jumps to the address 0x20000400 and begins execution. 


Could someone please give me the steps required to generate such an executable bin file which I could load and run from internal RAM? 


I have already followed the steps given in this post:


How to generate ivt_flashloader.bin for IMXRT? 


But I am not able to successfully generate the bin file from the mentioned dcd.bin and .bd files. The elftosb utlity freezes for some reason.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.