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I have some questions about Imx8QM technology

Question asked by 军军 李 on Dec 12, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2019 by igorpadykov

I have some questions about Imx8QM technology.
1 Is there a detailed description of the peripheral clocks for M4_1 and M4_0.
2 How to add a LCD screen with LDVS interface when using DPU in M4_1, is there any documentation of demo program.
3 Questions about interruptions:
a What is Interrupt Multiplexer and what does it do?
b. What is the function and function of Private Peripheral Interrupt?
c. What is the function of Shared Peripheral Interrupt
d. What is IRQ_STEER?
4 What interrupt is M4_1_INTMUX_SOURCE_LPUART_IRQHANDER in the demo program.
5 Is there any more special feature documentation, except RM documentation.
6 In the rear_view_camera demo program, M4_1_uart debug serial port is added, but there are some problems:

lpuart_writeblocking () is ok,
However, it is not possible to use the PRINTF interface. Is it an interruption problem?
Every time the IRQSTEER_EnbleInterrupt interface is called, an exception occurs in the program.


Thank you!