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KW36: Pairing request not initiated by iphone to KW36 in some half paired scenario

Question asked by Sai Kalyana Raman on Dec 12, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2019 by Mario Ignacio Castaneda Lopez



I use KW36 with hid device example and my kw36 acts as a peripheral (slave) device.

Mode 1 level 2 is security.

I try the following usecase 1 :

 (a) Pair ios with kw36.

 (b)  Delete the bond in KW36

 (c) I go to ios settings -> bluetooth screen and try to click the KW36 device


Expected behaviour : 

I expect iphone shall initiate a pairing request and start pairing , unfortunately it does not

Actual Behaviour :

I could see that i initiate the security request to ios but ios does not initiate the pairing request.


But i try one more usecase 2 which is almost similar to above (half paired scenario) : 


 (a) Pair ios with kw36.

 (b) Delete the bond in iphone

 (c) I try to scan from ios settings->bluetooth screen and after kw36 gets scanned successfully, i try to  connect, in this case it is initiating pairing request successfully after my peripheral device sending the security request.


Please let me understand why half pairing is not working in case of usecase 1 but working in case of usecase 2.



Sai Kalyana Raman