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How to read SPI message from the PowerSBC chip MC33FS6522LAE on the Devkit MPC5744P-Rev.E using MBD toolbox

Question asked by Rafael Castro Barbosa on Dec 12, 2019
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I am using the Devkit MPC5744P Rev E and the Model Based Design Toolbox 3.0.0.


I would like to read a simple message from the PowerSBC chip MC33FS6522LAE, which is connected to the micro-controller by SPI0. This SPI message is 16 bits size.


Can anyone help me with it?


Attached follows the model, which I am trying to send a read request, but I am getting no feedback.

Also a picture of the board jumpers configuration.


Regards, Rafael


Marius-lucian Andrei

Abhishek Kumar