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how to switch from SL1 to SL3 for Mifare plus x card on nxp library(NDA)

Question asked by zoro zhang on Dec 12, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2019 by Jonathan Iglesias

hi,how to switch from SL1 to SL3 for Mifare plus x card on nxp library(NDA)? thank you very much.


i have signed the NDA,it have the mfp components of the nxp,i have enter the SL1,but i don't know how to enter SL3,how can i do it,


below is my code


/*   SL0*/

uiRet = phalMfp_WritePerso(palMfp,1,0x9000,TemBuf);

uiRet = phalMfp_WritePerso(palMfp,1,0x9001,TemBuf);

uiRet = phalMfp_WritePerso(palMfp,1,0x9002,TemBuf);

uiRet = phalMfp_WritePerso(palMfp,1,0x9003,TemBuf);

uiRet = phalMfp_CommitPerso(palMfp, 1);//personal


SL0:above code id ok,it can enter SL1.




how can i enter SL2 or SL3 ?


should i select phalMfp_AuthenticateSL1? or select phalMfp_AuthenticateSL2? or select phalMfp_AuthenticateSL3?

how can i set the argument?thank you very much.


(1)phalMfp_AuthenticateSL1(palMfp, 1,1,0x9003, 0, 0,16, TemBuf, 0,PcdCap2In,PdCap1,PdCap2);


(2)phalMfp_AuthenticateSL2(palMfp, 1,0,0x9002, 0, 0,16, TemBuf, 0,PcdCap2In,PdCap1,PdCap2,pKmf);


(3)phalMfp_AuthenticateSL3(palMfp,0,0x9003, 0, 0,16, TemBuf, 0,PcdCap2In,PdCap1,PdCap2);


if i set those argument,it will be error,how can i do it?thank you very much.