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MPX4250AP - am i reading datasheet wrong?

Question asked by Andy Drag on Dec 12, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2019 by Tomas Vaverka

Hi all,

Trying to build a project for myself and I'm using an MPX4250ap absolute pressure sensor

Here's the data sheet - (

I have a few of these sensors and they are all outputting the same voltage, so I believe maybe I'm incorrect in my understanding of how they work, maybe someone could help me out?

The sensors output .5v which according to that sheet is near 30kpa. I believe this is incorrect because I'm at sea level and the current pressure reported from the weather is 103kpa. So I would think that I would expect an output value of near 2v based on the figure #5 on page 5.

I'm using an arduino microcontroller and using the 5v VCC line (with caps) to power pin 3, grounded pin 2, and pin 1 is my output to a cap, then the analog pin on the arduino. I verified arduino senses the same as my meter.

I attempted to take just one of the sensors I haven't used yet and connected it to a 5v regulated bench supply and also had ~.5v output on pin1 (Vout)


Am I just incorrect in thinking I should be getting near 2v and .5v is the correct output?