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clrc663 how to set the register to read the UID of the 14443B card

Question asked by 平 汪 on Dec 11, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2019 by Kan_Li

Hello everyone! We now want to read the UID of 1443B  card using clrc663,and also found the driver code RC663_ISO14443B_BeqB.jcf of the development board on the Internet,Now we use the lpc11u68x microcontroller

Serial port to driver clrc663,but we do not know how to configure clrc663 to read the ISO1443B card's UID through

the serial port.Here is some of the driver code:



CHB 115200

//>Load Protocol

SR 0F 98 // Timer0 Timer starts at the end of transmission

SR 37 FF

SR 14 92 // Timer1 Timber starts at the end of transmission

SR 19 20 // Timer2

SR 1A 03 // TRload Lo

SR 1E 00 // Timer3

SR 02 90 //FIFO control register -> sets FIFO size to 255 bytes


think you!