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How attach to running program?

Question asked by Daniel Näslund on Dec 10, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2019 by Jiri Kral

OS: Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS

IDE:  S32DS Power 2017.R1, Build id: 171018.

Board: Custom equipped with PowerPC MPC5748G

Debugger: P&E Multilink Universal


Sometimes I want to...

  • Reset a program from the IDE
  • Attach to a running program
  • Download a program to the device and debug it

With my usual ARM-debugger (Segger Ozone) there's a button in the main toolbar with a small dropdown for selecting between three actions.


But how do I accomplish these three actions in the S32 Design Studio?

I can download a program using the bug button in the main toolbar

There's a "Attach to Running Target" checkbox field in the Debug Configurations dialog

There's a yellow HW reset button in the Debug View

But the HW reset takes ~30s for me to take effect with a small program. And sometimes it fails completely. Is that expected?

When I want to attach to a program I've filled in the checkbox and started debugging. Sometimes I've succeed in attaching, and sometimes not. And when I've had the Attach to Running Target checkbox filled in by mistake I've started a debug session in the belief that the new version of the software was flashed to the device, when in fact, the debugger just attached to the old running software.


Is there some option that I've missed? Any suggestions on how to configure S32DS to make it clearer if the debugger will just attach or if it will download the program?