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RT1062 BOOT_MODE and BT_CFG in custom design

Question asked by Paul Brandt on Dec 10, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2019 by Kerry Zhou

we are a bit confused from other threads and documentation about the BOOT_MODE and BT_CFG pins / fuses with the RT1062.


We are working on a custom board based on the RT1062.

For manufacturing what we want to achieve is:
The board comes in serial downloader, downloads its initial application to flash and then we burn fuses in order to always boot from the flash.
Do I understand Gary Segal in this thread correctly that we can leave all BOOT_MODE and BT_CFG pins floating to achieve that? Is this also valid for the RT1062?
How specifically should we set / connect BOOT_MODE and BT_CFG to achieve what we plan on doing?
(Boot to Serial Downloader initially -> Download binary & burn fuses from there -> Boot from fuses (Flash))


Looking forward to you answer!