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Layerscape Software Development Kit - v19.09 - How to build OFFLINE using WSL2?

Question asked by Christophe SCHMID on Dec 10, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2020 by Christophe SCHMID


I successfully was able to build complete LS1012ARDB image on my corporate computer that is indeed connected to the WAN. This is an easy one since scripts simply can get on the Internet and get missing modules. Same goes for my WSL2 on my WIN10 HOST machine. WSL2 is the new Windows Subsystem for Linux based on Hyper-V.


Now my mission here is to create same setup but OFFLINE. So far the only idea I had was to first do the whole build process on a machine that is ONLINE, then try to copy out the complete tree into my OFFLINE machine and hope it works. It doesn't as you imagine hence my question here: did somebody had same problem and need as I do here?


To help you in answering me I need to know

  • WSL(2): how to I copy out delta packages my WSL2 installed and create same for OFFLINE installation on the other side? I don't have a local repo setup (yet) on my OFFLINE infrastructure
  • LSDK: is e.g. flex-builder capable to just download FULL package tree and assist me in exporting this from ONLINE toward the OFFLINE machine easily?

Thx Christophe