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Hi. I'm using MC9S08AW60 MCU. I would like to ask if I'm able to use interrupts for pins that are not assigned to any "special" functions. For example, the pins PTE0 and PTE1 also function as the SCI1 Receive and Transmit interface, therefore, by checking the datasheet, I'm able to use a particular interrupt vector number (17 in this case) to activate the SCI.


However, the pins PTF6 and PTF7 are not connected to any "special" functions like the SCI or TPM. I've checked the pin connections already. Am I able to create an interrupt by using these 2 pins? From the datasheet, it says vector numbers 26 through 31 are unused vector space that are available for user program. Not sure if I can assign PTF6 and PTF7 to them though  


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