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make:***[makefile:55:FOC_TC_mbd_rtw.elf]Error 1

Question asked by havry zhang on Dec 10, 2019
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Hello Razvan,Daniel

I have actually imported a generated code(PMSM Module 7:Torque Control ) from Matlab to the S32 Design software by following the below form instructions:

How to export Generated Code to S32 Design Studio IDE (applicable for MBDT for MPC5744P v2.0)  

But when I build the code I will get the following errors:

make:***[makefile:55:FOC_TC_mbd_rtw.elf]Error 1

Console implies "cannot find MPC 574xP_AMMCLIB.a'',actually i set the library for MPC 574xP_AMMCLIB.a.


But it's ok for the generated code of lesson 12 Motor Control System


Software version information i use as below:

MBDToolbox  MPC57xx V3.0

S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture Version 2017.R1


I upload some snapshots about build errors occured and settings for S32 DS,maybe you can give me some advices.


Best Regards 



build error

console information

project setting 1

project setting 2