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SU8/16 GDU Low Side Pre-driver, PDE, question

Question asked by StanleyH Employee on Dec 9, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2019 by Jonson Chen

Hi Support team,


  Customer is asking a question about the transition state of the low-side Pre-driver, PDE. Need your clarification.

RDs concern if the internal pull-down resistor affects their external circuit design. Thanks.

BTW, There is a typo in the RM register description(Rev. 5, 4/2017).  PDE is for low-side.


有兩個情況, 請確認:

1. MCU尚未醒來時(或 未上電時),40K pull-down有無作用? Datasheet上說明 MCU在 Reset時為1, Power on時,在哪個時間點才會將 PDE設為1 ?

2. 當 MCU工作電壓低於 LVD (Vcc<4.5V)點時, PDE是什麼狀態 ? 1 or 0? 是否依舊為1? 有無可能電壓低到某個值 , 或 MCU進入 Reset 狀態時, 會將PDE 設為0 (即 Disable內部 Pull-down 電阻) ?






Jonson Chen