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S32 SDK for MPC5775K

Question asked by priyan george on Dec 9, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2019 by Lukas Zadrapa


I am using S32 studio Version: 2.1 . I am not able to add FreeRTOS OS component to MPC5775K project.External SDK added for MPC5775K is AMMCLIB_1.1.15.

The S32 external SDK available are

- S32_SDK_S32PA_RTM_3.0.0

- FreeMASTER_Serial_Communication_Driver_V2_0

- AMMCLIB_1.1.15


I was able to add freertos ,os component ,for MPC5775E , which was under external SDK S32_SDK_S32PA_RTM_3.0.0.


Can I get SDK support for MPC5775K under  SDK S32_SDK_S32PA_RTM_3.0.0 , so that I can use FREERTOS with MPC5775K.