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DEMOQE ADC pin selection?

Discussion created by travrt travrt on Mar 19, 2009
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I'm using a DEMOQE board and trying to setup the ADC on pin 18 of the header which is PTF0/ADP10.  I believe I have it setup right, but it reads a voltage of around 1.3V on that pin.  If I overdrive it to ground, my adc value will be 0, if I put voltage to it, it sources current like I'm shorting it.  Why is it doing this?


here is how I'm setting up the adc..


void InitADC(void) {    byte done = 0x00;  ADCSC1 = 0x0A;  ADCSC2 = 0x00;  ADCCFG = 0x04;    APCTL2 = 0x04; } void SetADC(byte adc_channel, byte aien_value) {  ADCSC1_AIEN = aien_value&0x01;  ADCSC1_ADCH = adc_channel;} //end SetADC

 Then my main looks like this:


void main(void) {  initSystems();  InitADC();  initLCD();  SetADC(0x0A,0x01);                      // ADC10, enable interrupt  EnableInterrupts;                       /* enable interrupts */       while(1){            ADCSC1 = 0x6A;//triggers adc         } }