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Keypad Port (KPP) on the i.MX RT1010 EVK

Discussion created by John Adriaan on Dec 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2020 by Daniel Milutinovic

Thanks to NXP for providing example code for the KPP peripheral on the RT1010. The one thing they missed was a wiring diagram for the example (although doc/readme.txt gives the connections) - so I thought I'd provide what I worked out. With the below connections, it works straight out of the box! Unfortunately, though, only for digits 1-9...


The code uses Rows 1-3 and Columns 1-3, leaving Row 0 and Column 0 unused. Connecting those two for the full 4x4 keypad is left as an exercise for the reader. Hint: you'll need Arduino's A3, and pin 2 of J54 (not shown below, but the pin on the right with that orientation).


The RT1010 EVK has Arduino connectors, so it was easiest to use Fritzing and the ubiquitous 4x4 Arduino membrane keypad to provide a diagram. These correspond to the upper pins on the corresponding EVK connectors with this orientation:


Fritzing of Keypad to Arduino for RT1010 example