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Some EzPort Progress

Discussion created by David Lundquist on Mar 19, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2009 by Rich Testardi

Well, I finally got some EzPort downloads working.  I know this topic has been batted around before but I recently went on mission to try and find the simplest and cheapest way to get EzPort programming working on my MCF52233 board.   Here's what I found:


Digging around a bit with Google I discovered this app:




The bad news is that the docs are in Japanese.  The good news is that he posted the full MS Visual C# source package.  


On the hardware side it looks like the best bet for USB to JTAG, SPI, etc... are the devices based on the FTDIchip FT2232D.  This part is really nice in that it gives you USB to a variety of interfaces without any embedded code.  FTDIchip also provides full drivers and DLLs to help build apps.    A USB to SPI dongle is trivial with this part, but I didn't feel like doing another board or hand wiring things so I went looking for the cheapest finished solution and found:




It took a bit of config gymnasitics to get all the right drivers in all the right places, but I just successfully programmed the FLASH on my board with this combination.  It is a little crude but it works.


I'm going to take a cut at enhancing this software to improve it's user interface and add some features.  Should be pretty easy to add other Coldfire variants too.