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PE gives an error when compiling C++ project

Discussion created by Nick Denman on Mar 19, 2009
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This is a first time test of Processor Exper but it didn't go as planed.

I opened CW 7.1 pro for coldfire and created a new C/C++ project and included the Device Initialization framework from Processor Expert. Next I generated the PE code and then compiled the project however I recieved a "data type is incomplete" error in MCU_Init.c on the vectorTableEntryType forward declaration.

I read in another thread that placing extern C around the MCU_Init() prototype declaration within main.cpp would fix errors that occure when compiling in C++ files but it had no effect.

I did a forum search on this error but only found the above mentioned info.


Also can the full Processor Expert rather then Device Initialization be used with C++ projects?


TIA for the help.