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Changing PCIe related Registers (LAW, TAR, In/Outbound windows,CCSRBAR ...)

Question asked by Ahmet Demir on Dec 6, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2019 by Ahmet Demir

On T1042D4-64B demo board, what is the way of changing PCIe related Registers I mentioned in the header(PEX registers)?


I want to make a new configuration for EP device because there is unlogged deadlocks on U-boot console (It hangs) when I plug EP device with its driver.


As I read in the documentation of T1040RM, Illegal Interaction Between Inbound ATMUs and LAWs
Since both local access windows and inbound ATMUs map transactions to a target
interface, it is essential that they not contradict one another.
For example, it is considered a programming error to have an inbound ATMU map a
transaction target to the local memory space if the resulting translated local address is
mapped to an external peripheral interface by a local access window. Such programming
errors may result in unpredictable system deadlocks.


I think this causes my problem.