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imx8mq DDR stress Tool Can't Calibration on 3GB(LPDDR4)

Question asked by raisaac wu on Dec 8, 2019
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I have Micron LPDDR4 SDRAM Type is MT53E768M32D2(attach spec file 200b_z2bm_ddp_s_lpddr4_53E.pdf).
MSCALE_DDR_Tool seems doesn't support this type dram. I use MX8M_LPDDR4_RPA_v22.xlsx to generate .ds file
that never reference ADDRMAP_ROW_B16(ADDRMAP7). In my understanding this dram type need use more than MX8M_LPDDR4_RPA_v22.xlsx's
default row bits. If not ,MX8M_LPDDR4_RPA_v22.xlsx how to fit in this dram type. If yes, Did any new update RPA.xlsx
for this dram. Thanks.