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Object detection application failed to work on iMX8QM GPU B0 chip

Question asked by Kushal Chaudhari on Dec 6, 2019

I have build Yocto 4.19.35 Thud with Meta-ml layer, and we are using OpenCV caffe Mobilnet SSD model for object detection on B0 chip of iMX8QM, That application is failed to use the GPU, the application is running on CPU only.


I have installed tflite interpreter and checked for tflite object detection application, but this model also failed to work on GPU, tflite object detection application also works on CPU only. 


Now the questions are


1) Why in 4.19.35 build (OpenCV or tflite object detection) both failed to work on GPU?
2) Do we need to do any specific changes during Yocto build to enable GPU support?
3) Does eIQ software has GPU support in 4.19.35 Yocto?