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imxeglvivsink inside a GTK window in Wayland

Question asked by Samuel Jimenez on Dec 5, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2019 by Bio_TICFSL

We are using an imx6-based board running Linux with Wayland. I need use the Vivante GPU's imxeglvivsink to display video inside a GTK+3 window with GStreamer. The problem is that the video with the imxeglvivsink plugin does not anchor to my app's window when running in Wayland platform. As a result, the video surface appears detached from the GTK window. Looking at the imxeglvivsink plugin source (gst_imx_egl_viv_sink_egl_platform_init_window()) for wayland platform (egl_platform_wayland), a window_handle is passed but never used.


My GTK app passes the wl_surface of the app's window to the GStreamer bus sync handler, and the imxeglvivsink sees this. However, I am not sure how to take use the window_handle inside the gst_imx_egl_viv_sink_egl_platform_init_window() function to display video inside my GTK app's window, similar to how the x11 (platform egl_platform_x11). Any guidelines on how to do this?


Thank you