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Parameters information for chip SJA1105S.

Question asked by Mahendra Pardeshi on Dec 5, 2019
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Anyone has information for the below parameters for chip SJA1105S.


We are referring to user manual UM11040.


  •  Switch Port Scheduler Predecessor.

        - It defines the order of the scheduler predecessors.
        This value shows only the relative ordering of the elements.
        The highest value has the highest priority and gaps are allowed.

  • Switch Port Scheduler Predecessor reference.
         - Choice reference to the scheduler predecessor
         It has one of the choice reference value to the scheduler predecessor.
         It will one of Port FIFO, Port Scheduler or Port Shaper.
  • Port Egress Last Scheduler Reference.
    - It is a reference to the port scheduler which is the last in the egress port.
  •  Port Ingress Virtual lan Modification
    - It indicates all incoming messages are tagged with VLAN id.
  •  Port Traffic Class Assignment
    - The Traffic classes are assigned to the FIFO.
  •  Port Egress FIFO Index
    - It specifies the instance ID of the FIFO of the configured Ethernet switch egress port
  •  Port FIFO Minimum Length
    - It is the size of a configured FIFO.
  • Port FIFO Traffic Class Assignment
    - Traffic classes assigned for the FIFO.
  •  Port Egress Predecessor FIFO Reference.

         - It is a reference to FIFO which predecessor to Port Shaper.

  • Frame management information
    - Where the management information is inserted inside the Ethernet Frame.


We are not able to map the above configuration parameter related to chipset SJA1105S.


If any has information/suggestion for above will great help for us.


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