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Differences between IMXRT1052 and IMXRT1062

Question asked by giacomo mazzola on Dec 4, 2019
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I'm developing a project for a IMXRT1062xxx5A using EmbOS. To start it, I took a sample project provided by EmbOS, but since they didn't have a project for my board, I used the one for the IMXRT1052. I searched for information online and I found out that basically the 2 boards are the same except for minor stuff, that's why EmbOS provided only one example valid for both the boards.

However, this leaves me with a couple of doubts about the provided files like "system_MIMXRT105x.c" and "startup_MIMXRT1052.s". 

I am currently able to compile and flash the code without any error, but my questions are:

1) since the IMXRT1062 has more functionalities, are these files enough or should I change/add something?

2) I saw many sample projects for the same board with different structures, some of them have a "board.h" and "board.c" in addition to the two files I mention before, some of them have a really long startup file while others have a really short one... I'm gonna attach my project here, does it have the right structure? do I have the right files? am I missing something?


Any advice is well accepted! 

I thank you for your help.