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How to configure SJA1105S for L2 Policing

Question asked by Ramesh Mali on Dec 4, 2019
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I am working on SJA1105S ethernet switch.

 I have following configuration parameter for  port policer which I am not able to map to SJA1105S hardware configuration tables.

1) Port Rate Violation Action: When rate policy criteria defined for this port are met, following action to be taken 

         i) BLOCK_SOURCE: All incoming traffic from the violating Source based on the MAC-Address is blocked.

         ii) DROP_FRAME: The received frame which led to the violation of the rate policy is dropped.

2) Port Rate Policed Priority: this defines the priority which this rate policy shall be limited on.

3) Port Rate Policed Byte Count: this define amount of byte counts (excluding Header information) which can be received in configured Port Rate Policed Time Interval.

4) Port Rate Policed Time Interval: Time interval in seconds where a configured Port Rate Policed Byte Count    can be received without a rate limitation


So does such type of functionality is supported by this ethernet switch? If yes how to configure SJA1105S for this functionality?