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LPC54018 Internal Temperature Sensor

Question asked by David Bennett on Dec 4, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2019 by David Bennett

I'm using the internal ADC in the LPC54018. 

I started with the included driver example lpc54018_adc_basic which uses the internal temperature sensor. 

I have executed the provided code on two different eval boards with similar results, values of about 725 at room temperature. 

Based on the data for the temperature sensor I was expecting something closer to 650 or so given tolerances.

Room temperature is about 24c. 

Has anyone seen these results with the internal temperature sensor? 

The driver code does run a self calibration. 

Is there additional offset calibration required?

I think it is sensing temperature. I put a finger on it, and the returned value get's smaller. Not by a lot. It changes by -5 counts.