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I want multiple virtual comm ports on USB

Question asked by Chris Pflieger on Dec 4, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2019 by Diego Charles

It seems that depending on which family of MCU I chose, I am limited as to how many VCPs I can have.

For instance, I _think_ the LPC11U68 is limited on endpoints so just one VCP is possible. AN12458 states the LPC54018 can have two VCPs on the high speed and another two VCPs on the full speed - which sounds confusing - shouldn't ten physical endpoints support at least three VPCs? Maybe it's how they are allocated...

So, which LPC's would give me the most? Is there an easy way to determine how many VCPs I can run on a particular device?

The application is a single MCU that has several different UARTs with various proprietary protocols, so I'm trying to get the chip count down as low as possible. There's not a lot of processing, so an M0 core is adequate. I just want a single device that appears as multiple comm ports.