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LPSPI3 Chip select is high continously

Question asked by anish khanna on Dec 4, 2019
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I am working on imx8 target, connected my LPSPI3 to ADC.


I have configured pins as shown below.


pinctrl_lpspi3: lpspi3grp {
fsl,pins = <
SC_P_SPI3_SCK_ADMA_SPI3_SCK   0x0600004c
SC_P_SPI3_SDO_ADMA_SPI3_SDO  0x0600004c
SC_P_SPI3_SDI_ADMA_SPI3_SDI      0x0600004c
SC_P_SPI3_CS0_ADMA_SPI3_CS0    0x0600004c
SC_P_SPI3_CS1_ADMA_SPI3_CS1    0x0600004c


In my current setup, i am getting clock and data on MOSI, but chip select is continuously high. I want to change the pin configuration to pull down by default instead of pull up.


I am not able to find the SCU registers in Reference manual, please point me to the reference manual from where i can get these registers.


i want to understand the value assigned to "SC_P_SPI3_CS1_ADMA_SPI3_CS1    0x0600004c", how to make default configuration of CS1 low.