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How to write video *.mp4 with OpenCV Python on iMX6UL-EVK?

Question asked by on Dec 3, 2019
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Hi NXPs,

At present, I'm using iMX6UL-EVK to write * .mp4 to save my memory but it's not working. I can write to * .avi, * .mpg2, * .mpg3 and * .mkv and it 's working good but it's take a lot of memory. 

I refer follow 6.2.1. Parser / Demuxer specifications iMX6 Linux Release Notes section to select video codec. 


So how can I write video type * .mp4 with OpenCV Python?


Note: I tried to write in my PC with "mp4v", "divx" codec. It's working with PC but with iMX6 is not.