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SCTimer/PWM for Controlling a AC Fan Motor??

Question asked by leo838 on Dec 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2020 by leo838

Hello All,


I have a project that controls an AC fan motor via a triac. It senses the zero crossing & then after a delay triggers the triac to supply power to the ac motor. The speed of the fan is determined by the delay (which changes depending on user input) in switching on the triac. It is similar to attached the circuit.


I had been using interrupts & an LPC1768 for this project but am now switching to an '812. After investing it looks like the SCTimer/PWM is a suitable, but complicated in setup & control. Could anyone with experience tell me should I stick with an interrupt driven setup or is the SCTimer/PWM suitable? Once it's setup correctly it seems like it offloads alot of potential overhead.


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