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high-current drive MKE04Z128VLD4

Question asked by jun yamada on Dec 3, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2019 by jun yamada

Thank you for helping.


1. MKE04Z128VLD4 44pin is used.

    As you can see, does this package support high current output?


2. “8 PINOUT” in the MKE04P80M48SF0 manual stated “PTB4, PTB5, PTD0, PTD1, PTE0, PTE1, PTH0, and PTH1 are high-current drive pins when operated as output.”
I thought I could use that function.


3. In the notes of `` 5.1.1 DC characteristics '', `` 2. Only PTB4, PTB5, PTD0, PTD1, PTE0, PTE1, PTH0 (64-pin and 80-pin packages only), and PTH1 (64-pin and 80- pin packages only) support high current output. "
I found that description after creating the board.

I think it ’s very unfriendly.

So far, complaints about confirmation and manual unkindness.